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Volumetric Weight Calculations
Volumetric weight, sometimes called "dim" or dimensional weight, is used when the space a package takes on an aircraft may cost more than the package's actual weight.
You should calculate dimensional weight on every shipment, and compare that to its actual weight, and use the greater of the two to determine your shipping cost. International volumetric weights are calculated using the formula below.
Length x Width x Height (in centimetres) / 6000 = Volumetric Weight in kgs.
Length : cm
Width : cm
Height : cm
Volumetric Weight : kg
SL. NO State & Union Territory Inbound Sales Tax Form No of Copies Required Permit to be handed over by Validity of Form Entry Tax Outbound Sales Tax Form Remarks
1 A.P. Form X/600 2(both for Inbound & outbound   NA NO Form X/600 Tin no of C/nee is must in Invoice, Invoice must have APST NO; Form X and 600 both are same sales Tax Form.
2 Andaman Nicobar NA Nil     No NA  
3 Arunachal Pradesh NA Nil     Yes NA  
4 Assam Form-61 Commercial & Form-62 Non commercial Inbound 2 copies & Outbound 1 copy Shipper “ Form-61 Six Months & Form-62 Six Months (from date of issue) Yes Form-63 Inbound 2 copies( original & Duplicate)
5 Bihar Vat Form D-IX 2 (both Incoming & out going) Shipper Both Incoming & outgoing Form have the validity for 1 year Yes Vat Form D- X For Inbound, Form not required if value of the shpt is less than 10000; but entry Tax is Applicable.
6 Chandigarh NA Nil       NA  
7 Chhattisgarh Form-60 3 Shipper   No   Form-60 is must for Non-commercial Shipments (2 copies are kept at CP & 1 copy travels with the shipment to C/nee)
8 Dadra & Nager haveli NA Nil          
9 Daman & Diu NA Nil          
10 Delhi NA Nil          
11 Goa NA Nil          
12 Gujarat Form – 403 3(Both Incoming & Outgoing) Shipper   No Form -402  
13 Haryana Form-38 1 Shipper As per mention on the form No Form-38 Form is not required if the value of the shipment is less than Rs.25000/-
14 H.P. HP permit -26 2 Shipper 30 days from date of issue Yes Form-26 Permit is generated at the barrier
15 Jammu & Kashmir Vat Form-65 2   NA Yes NA Form is not required if the value of the shipment is less than Rs.5000/-
16 Jharkhand JVAT 504G 2 Shipper As per the dates printed in the form   JVAT 504B  
    JVAT 502 2 Shipper Individual Inbound Shipments     Application for obtaining Declaration of Transport of certain goods and permit thereof.
    JVAT 503 2 Shipper Individual Inbound shipments     Permit for Transport of consignments in the State
    JVAT 504P 2 Shipper Individual Inbound Shipments     Within State and applicable for consignments >=Rs.50000/-
17 Karnataka E- SUGAM 2 (Unique No required otherwise) Shipper Maximum 7 Days from the date of uploading Form in the System Yes Form E- SUGAM For any type of Transaction by Registered dealer;  E-SUGAM is required
18 Kerala Form 16 Form-16

2 copies; Form15- 1 copy & Form27B – 1 copy

Form-16 & Form 27B are available in open market and Form 15 duplicate copy is provided by shipper at Kerala Form 16 individual ownership Form-No specific validity period No Form 15/27B These Forms have no specific validity period
19 Lakshadweep NA Nil       NA  
20 M.P. For Incoming shipments via Rail Form-60 is required 2 Shipper     NA Form-50 is required for Non-commercial shipments
21 Maharashtra NA Nil       NA Octroi is applicable
22 Manipur ST35/ST37 2(both Inbound+ out bound) Shipper NA   ST 36  
23 Meghalaya Vat Form 40 Inbound 2 copies & Outbound 1 Copy Shipper VAT 40 is 90 days; Special permit for non Registered customer 60 days   VAT Form 37 NA
24 Mizoram VAT Form 33/34 2 Maximum validity

period for 90 days & this is mentioned while issuance

      Form 34 is for personal shipments
25 Nagaland Form 16 3 Shipper NA        
26 Orissa Form 402 2 (both for incoming & Out Going) Shipper Valid For 3 Months; if not issued within 90 days revalidation is to be done from Sales tax office Yes Form 402 Form 402A is must for unregistered clients/entry tax is applicable for such shipments; the entry tax is paid in advance at the sales tax office and obtain the Form 7 send to shipper with receipt to be accompanied by AWB
27 Pondicherry NA Nil       NA  
28 Punjab NA Nil     Yes NA  
29 Rajasthan VAT Form 47 2 (both Inbound + Out bound) Shipper Both the forms are valid for 2 years from the date of issue Yes VAT Form 49  
30 Sikkim VAT Form 25 3 Shipper Valid 6 months from the date of issue NO NA Incoming Form(Red, Yellow & white colour)
31 Tamil Nadu NA 3 Copies Outbound Form       Form JJ TIN number of Consignor & Consignee Must
32 Tripura VAT Form XXVI Inbound 3 Copies & Outbound 2 copies Shipper NA   Form 27 Shipment can move to AAG by Air without permit and will be delivered after endorsement from Sales tax Dept. by Consignee
33 U.P. Form 38 for commercial shipments and Form-39 for Non-commercial shipments 2 Shipper Series as per Notification from Sales Tax Authority   NA  
34 Uttaranchal Form 16 for commercial shipments and Form 17 for Non commercial shipments 2 Shipper Valid for one month from the date of issue NO NA Upto Rs.5000/- the is no requirement of Permit for Uttaranchal Inbound Shipments
35 West Bengal VAT Form 50A 2 (Part I & II) Shipper In the new electronic process; it is one month by default; it can be revalidated based on the requirement NO VAT Form 51 Outgoing Form is not yet implemented by Sales Tax Department
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